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Urinary Bladder Infection Remedy
 The Non-Drug Solution to Acute & Recurrent UTIs 

Safe and Effective Lifeline for Those in Need for Natural Help
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UTI Uribiotic Genuine Formula: Advanced Urinary Tract Support  URIBIOTIC Formula: 
 Broad-Spectrum Natural Antibiotic 

As an advanced unisex urinary tract support, our proprietary Uribiotic Formula has been effective in helping to overcome cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), and urethral syndrome (due to a low grade infection of the Skene's glands on the sides and bottom of the urethra).
PLEASE NOTE: Although Uribiotic Formula can be successfully taken as a stand-alone, for optimal results - especially, when urine culture results are available - it may also be used in combination with d-Mannose MAX Powder (if E. coli bacteria are present), and/or UT Probiotics Ultra Strength (when antibiotics have been taken).

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d-Mannose MAX  d-Mannose MAX Powder | Complex E. Coli Remedy  
Dietary supplement to support the immune and urinary trakct systems. Effective in preventing infectious E. coli bacteria from sticking to the inner walls of the bladder; complementary to Uribiotic Formula (a broad-spectrum herbal remedy) and/or UT Probiotics Ultra Strength (when antibiotics were taken).
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UT Priobiotics Ultra Strength  UT Probiotics Ultra Strength | Non-dairy Vegetarian  
An ultra strength (52.5 Billion CFU) non-dairy probiotic supplement that supports urinary tract health. It helps fully exert the therapeutic, protective and preventive (prophylactic) effects of the Uribiotic Formula (a broad spectrum herbal remedy) and d-Mannose MAX Powder.
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Low-Grain, Low-Sugar Delight | Cookbook  The Low-Grain, Low-Sugar Delight | UTI Cookbook 
A superb collection of over 260 simple and seriously delicious recipes (guaranteed!); a must for those who are serious about fighting both acute and repeated bladder infection through the dietary and lifestyle changes.
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European DP Extract  European DP Extract | BPH & Prostatitis Support 
A unique, clinically proven, standardized pollens blend for enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia/BPH). Used with success by men for generations in Europe and backed by numerous studies. Equally effective in chronic prostate infection (prostatitis/CP), especially when taken along with Uribiotic Formula and/or UT Probiotics Ultra Strength (when antibiotics were taken).
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