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Uribiotic Formula
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The Safe and Effective Solution for Those in Need for Natural Help

(Appreciated by Our Satisfied Customers Since 2003)

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From time to time, you may hear or read scientific reports allegedly showing that such-and-such herb or vitamin doesn't work or may even be harmful to your health. They are a perfect example of the existing and often uninformed prejudice against nutritional supplements.

We sincerely hope that you do not believe in such anti-supplement nonsense discouraging their use.

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The Full of Health Team

Michael O.
The Winner of the January 2018 Testimonial Contest

How nice to have this opportunity to praise product Uribiotic Formula. Free bottle or not, I love to praise stuff that REALLY works.

I first discovered this amazing true formula out of desperation from my hospital bed... about four years ago. I think that Doctors are not the end all be all answers to everything they believe they are! A large percentage of people who go in to the hospital actually die from their medical care.

I had a real nasty UTI. In the Emergency room after all the test results were interpreted by the Doctors (one a student and one a seasoned Doctor), I was told that my "severe UTI" was because I had an E. coli infection. I was advised to enter the hospital right then.

While I believed I would find comfort in the hospital, I found out quickly that was not the case. Doctor one and Doctor two informed me their plan was to bombard me and my infection with the "strongest anti-biotic" they had, in high dosage.

After a few says of feeling continually worse, I began to wonder if these Doctors really new what they were doing. A few days later I got the chance, finally, to ask, "What are the odds this medication will actually kill my infection(s)."

Doctor one AND Doctor two said: "50/50", that is fifty percent you'll live, fifty percent you'll die. REALLY! I was in the hospital for ten days at that time. I knew I had to get out of there. Pharmacy crap was killing me and I didn't want to be a statistic.

In my hospital bed then I roamed the internet, looking for a non-pharmaceutical way to treat my infection(s). When I found the Uribiotic Formula and read everything, including the facts and testimony, I ordered two bottles of it.

Next, I got dressed and began to check out against medical advise. No one wanted to help me leave, so I yanked the IV out of my arm and got dressed blood or no blood. I left after tying my own arm tight with a paper towel from the bathroom. I got out of there, still in agony!

My cure came in the mail just a few days later. I had total faith in this product even before I using it. I took the supplement as directed and really and truly, I started feeling better the same day. Even though I felt better day to day, I continued to use the supplement until I used all of it.

The sever pain I felt when urinating was gone in two days. All my symptoms were gone a couple of days later. AMAZING! From hospital bed to cured in about a week. Truly AMAZING.

I want to advise anyone who is reading this to take my word. If you can't stand the pain anymore and you're smart enough to realize that the pharmacy doesn't always help, you should be ready to try something that REALLY works. I bought two bottles, but only needed one. It's like money in the bank, having another bottle of Uribiotic Formula in my medicine chest just in case I or my wife ever need it.

I loved going back to the Doctor all fine a couple of weeks after I left the hospital against medical advise. He was a student Doctor (Doctor "two" wasn't there). I brought my iPad with me with the intention of proving to him what really worked for me. He was surprised to see me looking so much better and he asked me, "How did you do it?" In my mind I thought, "Oh, you mean how did I save my own life?"

I felt like a life long supporter of Uribiotic Formula as I showed him the website and watched him read everything carefully. And then asked me if that was all I used and nothing else. I said, "YES."

I know I made him a believer, because he saw me before and after my infection. I knew I left him a little stunned and hoped he might become open to exploring alternatives to the pharmacy industry.

I felt great and still do, trust me, people. This stuff will help anyone with a UTI. Uribiotic is a fantastic product and it saved my life.

In a world of stuff that doesn't work, I have found great comfort using your Formula and knowing that it really works.

Thank you very much for the gift of Uribiotic.

Michael O.
Front Royal, Virginia

Theresa P.
The Winner of the December 2017 Testimonial Contest

I have been purchasing the Uribiotic Formula for my father on behalf of my Mom for the past several months. So far, the results are amazing.

My father has a catheter and because of this has suffered numerous hospitalizations with urinary tract and bladder infections. Due to the numerous prescriptions of antibiotics, he had developed a resistance to most.

For the past few years, he has been in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation centers. This has taken a tremendous toll on him and the whole family, not to mention the financial burden.

I am happy to report that the Uribiotic Formula has been working. It's so nice to visit him and see him in good spirits.

I am so thankful to have found Uribiotic.

Theresa P.
Gilroy, California

Jenny B.
The Winner (Repeated) of the April 2016 Testimonial Contest

Hello Andrew,

It has been 2 years since my last review and my daughter is doing wonderfully! She was 9 when I first found your URIBIOTIC... She is now 12.

She has not had a full-blown infection needing antibiotics for a bladder infection for years now.

Her urologist and nurse refer others to me at times for information and I am happy to tell them the miracle your products have accomplished with my daughter. I hope that we can help others find these healthy ways to heal the body.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Jenny B.
La Mesa, California

Stephen M.
The Winner of the August 2015 Testimonial Contest


I want to thank you for developing the Uribiotic.

Due to a fall which caused a spinal cord injury about 1 1/2 years ago, I have had a Pseudomonas urinary tract infection repeatedly.

I purchased your product about two months ago and took the full dosage. The next urinalysis culture showed no Pseudomonas!

I dropped back to three capsules of your Uribiotic per day for precautionary maintenance and have not had a urinary tract infection sense.

After PICC lines and liquid antibiotic injections and hospital stays off and on for over a year, which did not work for me, I have to thank you for this product which does work.

Stephen M.
Dublin, CA

Gordon B.
The Winner of the March 2015 Testimonial Contest

Hello Mr. Andrew Mierzejewski,

I am writing to thank you for all you have done for me. I had an E. coli infection ruining my life for 6 years. I had seen numerous doctors and I've was tested every way that the medical profession could think of.

It started on my 50th birthday when my health deteriorated rapidly within 2 hours. I was feeling fine, sitting in Northern Ontario contemplating my first 5 decades of life. I felt tired after eating lunch and thought I should take a nap. Within two hours I had a fever of 104, vomiting, and shaking uncontrollably.

My wife called for an ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital in Bracebridge. Once there, I was diagnosed with a severe urinary tract infection and they prescribed Cipro and sent me on way. The strain of E.coli in me was resistant to that antibiotic and consequently I had another violent attack and my second ride in an ambulance. The hospital experience was too extreme to go into here.

Eventually, I as put on Septra and sent home. It took a few weeks and all seemed well. Another drug was eventually prescribed called Suprax. This was meant to be a safer alternative. I adjusted to what I considered my "new normal". Within the year, while away from home again, the symptoms came back but, I knew how to control them better.

I went to a urologist who confirmed the E.coli was back. We started the Suprax again. He didn't feel that the two infections were related even though the E. coli strain was the same. After all the scopes and tests he wanted me to endure, he couldn't find the source. He sent me to an Infectious Disease specialist. This medical Triage team sent me for a battery of more tests and used a lot of my time. I went through an amazing amount of antibiotics. I was on Suprax for 3 years.

The final round of drugs was Ertapenem. The Doctor referred to it as "the bazooka of all antibiotics". Other doctors referred to it as "Javex, Draino and Bleach". I'm thinking this will solve it. It was administered for 28 days through an IV drip once a day. 17 days later, all my symptoms were back and raging in a full on attack. I started my stash of Suprax immediately and got the infection under control. The Infection Specialist was stumped!

While on Suprax there weren't any issues with the infection but, I was taking antibiotics daily with no end in sight. If I stopped and did nothing, the infection would eventually kill me.

The team of Doctors recommended that I start a path of surgeries to remove infected parts and tissue to see if they could cut out where the infection was nested. That seemed rather extreme to me. You referred to it as "barbaric". It would only lead to a reduced state of living and a dependency on the medical industry.

Looking for another way through this, my wife found your site and I immediately began reading. I started immediately with Uribiotic. I called you and you advised me. You guided me through the process. I used a larger prescribed amount of supplements as directed by you. You also explained the diet I needed and what other supplements to use.

I stayed the course and did not waiver for 3 months. I called you many times to understand what was happening with me and as time went by, you adjusted the prescription as needed. It was the first 3 months in years that I didn't take a pharmaceutical antibiotic.

After 3 months, I couldn't believe that it was over the infection was gone and not returning. I waited a few months before writing this note of endorsement. I am amazed and thankful. I have changed my eating habits and added certain supplements to my way of life. I'm not as strict about the diet anymore but I am very strict about the amount of sugar that I will allow myself. My eating habits are much better now. I think I will be amazed for years to come. I never thought I would get through this.

When the specialists suggested the surgery route I said no. I was going to use your method. They were very skeptical. I told the team of doctors about my recovery and they are astonished. One doctor, who has been practicing his specialty with infections for 27 years, said I taught him something new!

I thank you. You are a treasure.


Gordon B.
Toronto, Canada

Melissa D.
The Winner of the September 2014 Testimonial Contest

Let me start off by saying (and please keep in mind that I rarely submit feedbacks) that I had to send in this positive opinion on Uribiotic Formula and UT ProbioticsUltra. These two paired up equal excellence!

Where do I begin. After having a UTI on and off for way too long that I was never able to cure naturally (stayed away from antibiotics), didn't know what to do next. The infection travelled by body from head to toe. I'm talking strep sore throat almost every month before my monthly cycle, on and off burning sensation when urinating, occasional fevers and chills. On top of that indigestion issues such as belching, gas, low stomach acid, you name it. I could not live like this any longer.

I decided to search the web from top to bottom. Fell on the Uribiotic website and was intrigued by the product right away. I'm willing to invest, I thought. My health has been bad for too long, I said to myself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Uribiotic and UT ProbioticsUltra have healed me from head to toe!

It has been only one week, but after a few days, my urine is clearer and the burning sensation has decreased by a lot. My strep throat/sore throat is totally gone. Indigestion issues have improved significantly.

Ladies, even my monthly cycle is a breeze!! No cramps!! I am sold and sad that I did not order more bottles. What was I thinking?!

All I can say is: give it a try!!

Melissa D.
Ottawa, Canada

Jenny B.
The Winner (Repeated) of the March 2014 Testimonial Contest

Hello Andrew,

I'm so excited to email you once again about the progress of my daughter, now 10. She has been on your Uribiotic Formula for almost a year and a half and has been doing amazingly well!

A few weeks ago, she had her yearly urological checkup and ultrasound to keep tabs on everything. What the doctors found amazed them!

In the past ultrasounds she already had signs of nephrosis (kidney damage) and thickening of the bladder wall (also not good). Each year the tests showed more and more damage.

BUT, the test a few weeks ago showed that the damage to her kidneys was almost undetectable and her bladder wall showed no signs of thickening - both hard to reverse the damage! Of course, we are going to "continue what we are doing."

When I found on the Internet the Uribiotic Formula for my daughter I was just hoping to put a stop to the damaging antibiotic cycle happening to her body. I never expected it would reverse the damage already done!

Once again, from an overjoyed parent, thank you, Andrew.

Jenny B.
La Mesa, California

Kathy A.
The Winner of the February 2014 Testimonial Contest

I have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. And over the past two years, I have taken so many antibiotics for that. On my last visit to my urologist, after having a cystoscopy, he recommended that I should try D-Mannose to help me get away from antibiotics. I was using it but still had a couple of full-blown UTI's.

After a huge amount of research to help my recurring UTI's, I came upon your web page. Since then I have not looked back.

I have only been taking the Uribiotic Formula, d-Mannose MAX and Oregano oil for approximately two weeks now, feeling great, back to a normal healthy relationship with my husband.

I showed these products to my Naturopath who is very interested as there is nothing close to that in Australia. With my great results, she is going to forward your webpage to her patients.

Well done and thank you for helping me to feel normal again. And if I can help others here with my testimony I will be more than happy to recommend your program.

I will be very happy to order again as I am going to take these products as an ongoing prevention, not just to treat when I get an UTI, to continue good health.

Kind regards,

Kathy A.

Laura S.
The Winner of the August 2013 Testimonial Contest

For years I have off and on either had a bladder infection or felt as though one was coming on (yeah, you know....THAT feeling. Ugh).

I have tried many products. My ex-husband is a Chiropractor and, believe me, supplements were a norm in our house. So I really have tried everything.

Approximately one year ago, I began taking one a night of the Uribiotic Formula by Full of Health. It changed my life!

I NEVER have bladder infections and I never have that feeling that one might be coming on.

It's a MUST for me no matter what else I may or may not take on any given day.

Happy bladder, happy ME!

Laura S.
Foster City, California

Jenny B.
The Winner of the June 2013 Testimonial Contest

My daughter, now 9, was born with multiple complications which had led to many surgeries and a lifetime of having to catheterize to urinate.

Because of the catheterizing, she was plagued for about 3 years with UTIs which involved being on a daily antibiotic and huge doses of very strong antibiotics about every 2-3 months...

It was a downward spiral which just kept getting worse.

I have always looked for alternatives from Western medications to heal the body and bring it back to homeostasis. In my long and desperate search I found Uribiotic Formula.

I knew this would help my daughter, so I told her urologist about what I was putting her on. They were very happy to help out.

Since her infections were so huge and she had been on daily antibiotics for so long it has taken about 9 months of working very diligently with Andrew at Full of Health.

Now, my daughter's urologist says that she is antibiotic-free!

She has been off daily antibiotics for 2 months now and without a full-blown infection requiring high dose antibiotics for 4 months.

This is so amazing and such a benefit for her future!

This is one more huge piece of the puzzle for bringing my daughter into optimal health throughout her life.

Thank you, Andrew, from the bottom of my heart for creating Uribiotic Formula!

Jenny B.
La Mesa, California

Laurie K.
The Winner of the January 2013 Testimonial Contest

I have been plagued with bladder infections for about 3 years now. Having a bladder infection every 6 - 8 weeks was very unacceptable to me. Ending up in emergency in the middle of the night in excruciating pain, blood in my urine and fever was not much fun. The treatment every time was a round of antibiotics.

I started doing my own research and came upon Uribiotic. I orderered two bottles and waited for the next infection which didn't let me down. Instead of the antibiotics (which I made sure I always had on hand) I started on the Uribiotic as per the instructions.

Within 8 hours the pain was gone and I was comfortable. I stayed on the Uribiotic for the complete round as recommended and now take one three times a day.

I have been infection free for 2 months and want to keep it that way.

I highly recommend this product. In my mind, anytime I can avoid antibiotics it is a good thing!

Thank you!

Laurie K.
B.C., Canada

Daniel C.
The Winner of the August 2012 Testimonial Contest


I wanted to share some news with you, but first I would like to reiterate my story as to maybe help some other folks who undoubtedly have the same dilemma I have had.

I have been a quadriplegic since June of 1986, over 26 years. Almost since my acute injury, I have been burdened with troublesome reoccurring urinary tract infections. These infections for years were treated repeatedly with oral antibiotics by several different doctors: Bactrim, Amoxicillin, Macrobid, Cipro, Levaquin, etc. I have been on all of them numerous times. In the past, these infections were always treated aggressively with antibiotics.

Opinions have changed and now doctors are more cautious treating their spinal cord patients with antibiotics unless they are symptomatic. The view now that spinal cord patients can live effectively with colonized bladders (!)

Eventually I reached the point where the Pseudomonas bacterium I was colonized (high greater than 100,000 colonization) with was resistant to all oral antibiotics. They made it very hard for me to function and live life. They affected my energy level and lowered my blood pressure to levels that a productive life of any kind was impossible. Periodically, I would become septic. This would result in IV antibiotic therapy, typically two or three different drugs, and weeks, sometimes months, in the hospital.

Because of the ineffectiveness of oral antibiotics, over the last couple years I have been directed by numerous doctors to do a bladder irrigation several times a week. This would consist of 1 g of Gentamicin mixed with 50 mL of normal Saline, and then via catheter put directly into the bladder, clamped off for 30 to 60 min. and then expelled from the bladder.

I must admit, I have experienced some benefit from this therapy. But it didn't take long until the Pseudomonas was resistant to Gentamicin. Then I was directed by doctors to substitute Tobramycin for the Gentamicin, and again the same protocol. When the Pseudomonas became resistant to the Tobramycin, I was directed by doctors to substitute Amikacin for the Tobramycin. Eventually, even these bladder lavages lost their effectiveness.

Early this spring, I ended up in my local emergency room very, very sick with urosepsis [a systemic inflammatory response of the body to infection - A.M.] - high fever and very low blood pressure. I was in serious trouble. Urine cultures showed a resistant Pseudomonas sensitive to only two drugs: Amikacin and Fortaz. The colony count was well over 100,000. My white blood count was 19. I had to have a PIC line put in and was given IV Fortaz every eight hours for 12 days. I went through this same scenario again twice this summer. Two more trips to the emergency room dangerously ill.

During these last two episodes, I was given IV Fortaz 1 g every eight hours for 14 days, while at the same time irrigating my bladder with 1 g of Amikacin/50 mL normal saline. Both of these treatments continued for 14 days. When the dual therapy was finished, my doctor ordered a repeat urine test. Even after these two therapies, I still had greater than 50,000 colonies of resistant Pseudomonas.

At this point, I began an exhaustive search to find something, anything that could help the situation.

I went to no fewer than six Infectious Disease Doctors at four different hospitals. None of them seem to have any answers. I spent days and weeks searching the Internet and different blogs for something that could help.

Eventually, I stumbled across Oil of Oregano, and from there I found the Full of Health website. I went over the website thoroughly, and truth be told, was very skeptical.

On it there was a special link for spinal cord injured people. I read the testimonials. Although still skeptical, I purchased three bottles of Andrew's Uribiotic Formula, and three bottles of Oil of Oregano.

I began taking the products on August 10th. I also had a doctor's appointment that day to see my urologist. I brought in my urine for culture. Sure enough, there were greater than 100,000 colonies of resistant Pseudomonas, and Enterococcus.

On August 21st, I had another doctor's appointment. I again brought a urine sample. This time there were 10,000 colonies of Pseudomonas.

That's 90% of the colonization gone in 11 days. Remarkable!

I find this simply amazing and hard to believe after all I have gone through.

Thank you, Andrew, for providing such a simple remedy to a problem that has been so troublesome for over 25 years.

Daniel C.

Annie S.
The Winner of the June 2012 Testimonial Contest

Dear Uribiotic Team,

I have had recurrent UTI's for the past few years and my doctor usually just gives me Bactrim, which clears it up within 3 days. While on vacation recently I got another one the first day of my trip and panicked because the pain always seems unbearable.

I was able to get another prescription for Bactrim, but after 2 doses (6 days) I felt even worse. Two weeks later and 2 courses of Cipro later I was at my wits end!

My doctor told me there weren't any bacteria in my urine so it could be something else like urethritis or interstitial cystitis. I didn't care what it was, I just wanted to get rid of it and prevent it from ever coming back.

In desperation I went online and researched as much as I could. I found your website and it has been a life-saver.

I started feeling better after the first couple days of taking the Uribiotic Formula, and after the second bottle I was back to normal.

I couldn't believe how fast it worked, and that there were no side effects, like with antibiotics.

Since then I've also started taking your D-Mannose and Probiotic formulas for prevention and I haven't had any UTI symptoms since.

Thank you so much for your very informative website and very effective natural products.

Annie S.
Juneau, AK

Laurie S.
The Winner of the April 2012 Testimonial Contest

For years I have been plagued with UTI's. Each time trying to fight it off with baking soda, Alka-Seltzer, drinking lots of water and searching the web for natural remedies, only to end up at the dreaded Urgent Care to get antibiotics. Some of them even gave me bad side effects.

I found Uribiotic Formula on my last web search and I read some of the testimonials and thought I would give it a try.

I was amazed! It really, really worked. I didn't go on antibiotics and my infection was cured.

Thank you a million times over! What a freedom to be able to have a natural cure and not have to be on antibiotics...

This product really works and I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from UTI.

Laurie S.
Wheelersburg, OH

Lita C.
The Winner of the January 2012 Testimonial Contest


I would like to share my experience with Uribiotic Formula. It is my belief that I contracted a community based exposure to bacteria that would later come to haunt me for years. While at a stay in the hospital delivering my daughter, the nurse failed to realize that she had not tended to my catheter, which I had due to being induced and receiving an epidural. In short, I left the hospital with a UTI and had reoccurring UTI's for years since then, even having to be placed on intravenous antibiotics at one point.

My primary care providers along the way failed to treat me as well, instead resigning care to prescribing antibiotics monthly for the last two years straight. I knew this could not be good for me, and was determined to find a better way to regain my health.

As I was researching the subject I came across, and I knew instantly just by the details on the site that the producers of the product and site were well versed on the subject. I knew that I could trust what I was reading since I had done my own research as well, so I knew what to look for in terms of potential causes of UTI's.

On the first day of taking the Uribiotic, I could tell that something was occurring. I was still not sure if it would be a cure given my long history of UTI's. So to be sure, I took the advice offered on the site and went through three treatments or three bottles of Uribiotic Formula. Additionally, I also began taking the oregano and probiotic products as well.

I can honestly say that I am now symptom free, my health is back. And for the first time in years, I have my life back! I am not longer at the mercy of a practitioner that was unable to effectively treat me. I feel healthy and free!

Thank you so much for this amazing product!


Lita C.
Murrieta, CA

David P.
The Winner of the December 2011 Testimonial Contest

Dear Andrew and the Full of Health Team,

I have been paraplegic (T11) for some 40 years and have been continuously dogged by UTIs and cloudy urine/sore bladder problems over that period.

I've worked my through several syphincterotomies [surgical incisions of a sphincter - AM], countless MD-prescribed courses of antibiotics for UTIs and as prophylactics. But the relief period has been gradually diminishing and I was also getting depressed as a result.

As a last resort I tried Uribiotic, and within a few days the effects were amazing: clear, golden urine and a nice relaxed bladder, relief at last.

For this I am most grateful and I thank you.


David P.
Devon, UK

Dr. A., MD
The Winner of the November 2011 Testimonial Contest

October 16, 2011

I have an elderly female nursing home patient who has chronic recurrent UTIs and multiple drug allergies.

The Uribiotic has been very helpful to make the frequency of her infections much less often.

Dr. A., MD

Cindee McB.
The Winner of the September 2011 Testimonial Contest

August 10, 2011

I have had Interstitial Cystitis (IC) for eight years. A couple of months ago, I had a bladder infection and wanted to find a natural antibiotic.

After doing a thorough research, I decided to try Uribiotic Formula. It gave me comfort within 24 hours.

After using Uribiotic for a month, knowing that my symptoms were gone, I stopped taking it.

Within a couple of weeks I again felt discomfort. Then I realized that Uribiotic was helping my IC.

I am now taking it on a daily basis: two capsules in the morning and two in the evening with good probiotics. This is helping my IC tremendously.

Thank you for a great product!

Feeling normal,

Cindee McB.
Seattle, WA

Janine P.
The Winner of the July 2011 Testimonial Contest

June 29, 2011

I have been quadriplegic for 15 years. About seven years ago, I started to suffer recurrent urinary tract infections to the point where most of the bacteria had become multiresistant.

My urologist pointed out to me that kidney failure is the biggest killer of people with spinal cord injuries as a result of repeated urinary tract infections which became untreatable as a result of repetitive use of antibiotics.

About two years ago I developed an infection, the bacteria being pseudomonas. Antibiotics did not work and the decision was made to not use any more, live with it and hope it didn't get into my bloodstream.

I couldn't accept this, so I researched the Internet once again until I finally found out about oil of oregano and Uribiotic. I ordered some, showed my GP who confirmed that there was nothing in it that could possibly cause any harm and to give it a go, which I did.

Within a few weeks the urinary tract infection cleared up.

I have barely had any symptoms since, and when I do I just use the Uribiotic for a couple of days and symptoms clear up. No side effects and no worries about the tablets not working.

I am a skeptic and honestly didn't think this would work when I tried it, but it does. If I didn't find out about it, I hate to think where I would be now.

I just wish I knew about it sooner.

Janine N.
Perth, Western Australia

Erik L.
The Winner of the June 2011 Testimonial Contest

May 9, 2011

I have lived with quadriplegia for decades. Together with oregano oil, Uribiotic has proven a fast 'killer' combination for any UTIs, including a multi-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection.

This has been a great relief to me!

Thank you.

Erik L.
Perth, Australia

Katie B.
The Winner of the May 2011 Testimonial Contest

April 29, 2011

Hello Full of Health Team!

I just got on to your website to order more URIBIOTIC when I saw your offer... I am the "Katie B." from Denver Colorado! My testimonial has been on your home page for over 2 years now.

I have been living in China for the past year and I just recently got a bladder infection for the first time in over 2 years!

You have no idea how comforting it has been to have the assurance of having your product in my medicine cabinet while living in such a foreign land with foreign doctors and hospitals.

I was quite scared when I got the bladder infection a couple of days ago, because I thought, "what if it just doesn't work this time and I have to go to a hospital in China?!"

But, have no fear… Uribiotic worked for me AGAIN!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING PRODUCT!!!! I sing your praises every time I have sex -:)

Thank you and have a great weekend!


Robert W. C-P.
The Winner of the April 2011 Testimonial Contest

March 4, 2011

After 12 days in the hospital - first time in my life and I am pushing 70 - I came home feeling pretty good. I had been dehydrated, lacked vitamin D and magnesium and, naturally, had a bladder dysfunction.

Before leaving I was checked over and had a urine sample taken. Two days later, a doctor called saying I had a staph infection and he had called in to the pharmacy so I could pick up an antibiotic.

My wife immediately went to the internet searching for something else since I needed to eat, doctor's orders, and the antibiotic would kill off the "good" bugs, making digestion less than complete.

She discovered the Uribiotic Formula, bought it and it worked. Quickly. I ate, digested food and the infection cleared up.

I recommend Uribiotic Formula to anyone who needs something fast, safe and easy to clear up urinary tract problems.

Robert W. C-P.
Vermont, USA

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